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Join Bunji Running

  • Bunji Membership

    Every year
    Basic Bunji Membership
    • 8-week training cycles for 1 year
    • Unlimited access to in person sessions
    • Access to the Bunji Forum
    • Be part of a global team
    • Plans are catered for different running experience
  • Bunji Silver

    Every year
    Bunji trianing + individual race strategy (nutrition, pace)
    • Personalised race strategy with our coach Mitch
    • 8-week training cycles for 1 year
    • Unlimited access to in person sessions
    • Access to Bunji forum
    • Be part of a global team
  • Premium Membership

    Every month
    Personalised training to fit you personal goals
    • Personalised coaching with Mitch
    • Weekly training plans designed for your individual goals
    • Advice on race strategy
    • Advice on mental resilience
    • Plus everything included in the Bunji Membership
  • 10K Program

    12 Week 10K program for beginners
    Valid for 3 months
    • 12 Weeks Running program
    • 1 Virtual Session with one of our coaches (optional)
    • Email consultation
    • Get the Bunji Running Global Team membership for free
Profits from the first 100 of our "Bunji Memberships" will be donated to a special charity - Fundacion Banco Humana de Leche Catalina Vega 

In 2015, I lost my best friend Catalina. She died from complications after giving birth to her premature son.  A group of women helped her baby by donating their breast milk.  Thanks to their help, he was able to survive. Soon after, her family stated a foundation to build the first breast milk bank in Costa Rica to honour her life. 

We will be donating the profits of the first 100 Bunji memberships to support her cause.  To learn more about the foundation, please visit 

We hope that over the years we can continue to support charities that are important for our members through Bunji Running. 

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